Google Advanced Search with Readability Option!

9 Mar

If any of you are like me, you’re probably frustrated with trying to find websites that are appropriate for your students. In the post, “Google Advanced Search: now with reading levels!” on NCS-Tech! by Kevin Jarrett, I was excited about the new features Google is offering for educators and students!

When you do the search, the websites are broken down into three categories: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. I’m not sure what levels these correlate with, or what the measures they use to determine the category, but it seems like it’s a great leap for student research.

To go along with my last post, I am helping a 5th grade teacher with her class research project on the Women’s Rights Movement. She has a class of 25+ students, all with varying reading abilities. Since it is an inclusion room, there are students with special needs who are reading at a 3rd grade reading level, and there are students in the general education population reading at a 6th grade level. This Google feature will truly  help distinguish age- and level-appropriate websites!

My sample search looks like this:

Google Advanced Search with Readability!

The bar graph at the top is the breakdown of websites within each category. You can then click on the category to only show those results. I clicked on “Below” and looked at the website list, they would definitely be more appropriate for the struggling readers than the “Advanced” website options.

Another great tool is Twurdy. Search results are displayed from easy to hard and ranked visually by color and sequence. See a sample search below!


These search tools may finally solve a few of the research frustrations teachers are facing. Technology is most definitely evolving in a positive way, meeting the diverse needs of classrooms. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

Thanks for sharing, NCS-Tech!


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