Web 2.0 Message Board Tool: Corkboard.me

18 Mar

As a strong supporter of “Writing to Learn,” a reflective process and strategy for students, I immediately thought of Corkboard.me for an after-school group quick-write!

Home Page

It’s very similar to the Wallwishers notice board maker, but allows students to post messages on a cork board instead! The students loved seeing their “sticky notes” up on the digital cork board along with their peers’. Even more so when I embedded the cork board into our wiki.

With Corkboard.me, students can reflect on a lesson, book, event, experience, or anything! It even has a message board chat option!

Message Board Chat

Simply post your personal cork board URL link on your classroom website (or any shared classroom space) and the students can post-away on a collaborative message board of ideas. The possibilities are endless!

See a screen shot of our Digital Literacy Club corkboard for our end-of-session favorite activity reflection!

Digital Literacy Club end-of-session reflection!

The cork board displayed above was the result of a 1-2-3 minute reflection and was very easy to show students how to do! My only frustration with this message board was that it isn’t a “real-time” friendly tool. Students were able to collaborate and post on the same board, but since everyone entered the board at once, some students could not see where other students were posting their messages. Needless to say, a few had to be rearranged afterward so all could be seen. At least it allows you to drag and edit the board! I would recommend staggering students going on to post, so they can see the spaces available, or have students refresh their screens after posting to check if they need to move their “sticky note” elsewhere.

My mind is already turning for ways to incorporate this Web 2.0 tool into my literacy instruction and content-area literacy support. How would you use this tool?


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