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Engaging Student Writers With Blogging

1 Mar

I love Scholastic Teacher Blogs! When I spend some actual time on my Google Reader to catch up on my favorite blogs I always end up lost in my journey on the Scholastic Blogs. This blog post by Megan Power really inspired me. I have dabbled with classroom blogs using Weebly, but the students are NOT creating their own posts, merely commenting on my blog and my posts. I love that it has options for document uploads and a web page format, and we do virtual book discussions, virtual literature circles, and virtual book talks, but the student access is limited. My first Weebly blog was limited to the students I interacted with: ReadingWithMsJordan. I’ve since created a more generic one for all the teachers to access if they’re equally eager to explore this fun, new world: KaegebeinLiteracyCorner!

Although the students are thrilled with any and all computer lab time, I’ve been looking for ways for the students to have more ownership over their blogging and posts. In Megan’s blog post, she mentioned two very kid-friendly blogging platforms: Landmark’s Class Blogmeister and Kidblog.  Kidblog looks very user-friendly, safe, and is set-up for students to interact within a controlled classroom blogging community. Students do not need their own e-mail addresses and parents are able to access and view their kid’s work! Class Blogmeister looks a little more intimidating at first, but it seems to have many of the same student-friendly features. I’m looking forward to trying these out (reflections to follow!).

One of my goals as  Reading Specialist and TIF (Technology Integration Facilitator) for this year is to get more teachers on board with blogging! I’ve set up an Enrichment Blog for our school, but again it’s through my account and the teachers have little control of the content. I’ve shared my log-in with teachers so they can publish posts, but the management is under my domain. Ideally, I would love to run an after-school Blogging study group, since our school days are typically full to the brim and teachers have very little embedded time for meeting with me and learning about new tools. Perhaps this will be a summer endeavor if I can’t pull it off this year? This will be my year to explore and pull together resources to share with my colleagues. I’m sure the world of educational blogs is endless and I’ve only explored a minuscule portion of what this virtual world has to offer! I’m looking forward to my own personal journey of blogging “aha’s” and discoveries!

21st Century Learning… I am intrigued by you more and more everyday.

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