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Teacher Appreciation Week

5 May

Thank You, Teachers!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I’m participating in TWO great sales! Everything at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook shop will be 20% OFF, in addition to the discounts that the two sites are offering! 

Teachers Pay Teachers


(Thank you to Abby from Wizard of Boz for the cute sales graphics!)

I will be offering 20% off for all my products from May 7th to May 9th. It’s a two-day sale, but I’m offering an extra day! Don’t forget to use TAD13 at checkout to receive an additional 10% off! (NOTE: The 10% will come off the already discounted price, making the TOTAL discount 28% off!)

Teachers Notebook


An addition to my TpT sale, all my TN products will be 20% off in my shop from May 4th – May 10th. Keep in mind, the extra 10% discount will be automatically taken off your purchase. You do not need a code for Teachers Notebook during Teacher Appreciation Week. While you’re there, check out the different giveaways and promotions they have going on!

Interested in new products?

Check out my newest products:

“Daily Fluency” Booster Pack: {Punctuation}


“Cat and Mouse Chase!” {Partner Perspective Poem}

CatMouseCover CatMousePreview

Check out some additional products for the month of May:

Check out my most popular items:

Don’t Forget!

Remember, you still have until tomorrow (May 6th) to enter my Dansko Teacher Appreciation giveaway! You could win a pair of shoes for yourself AND the special teacher you nominate. Nominations will be posted May 7th along with the announcement of who the winner is!


Happy Teaching… and THANK YOU!

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A Shoe-ly Amazing Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

29 Apr

Have you ever walked a day in the shoes of a teacher?

If you have, let’s face it — it’s exhausting! For those of us who are teachers, let’s add 179 more days to that one day. What you end up with is a very tired group of teachers (with very tired feet).

It’s a rewarding job, but teaching is truly hard on the feet. It’s “go, go, GO!” all day long… AND if your day is anything like mine, you’re lucky if you get to sit for even two minutes. Since naps are not an option, I pretty much resort to wearing very comfy shoes. 🙂

If I’m in my classroom, you may sometimes catch me wearing my slippers (shhhh… don’t tell anyone!), but of course I’m not always in my classroom, and it’s not always appropriate for me to wear slippers. Being on my feet all day, I’m always on the hunt for non-frumpy looking teacher shoes that are comfortable but still look cute!

I was very excited when Dansko approached me about teaming up for a Teacher Appreciation giveaway. I love that they are participating in Teacher Appreciation month and, more importantly, recognizing teachers for all their hard work and dedication. With this giveaway, not only do I get to share TWO pairs of very comfortable shoes, but I get to keep a pair for my tired feet, too! Win, win!  A giveaway for both of us! So, obviously I said yes. I normally don’t participate in endorsements, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Comfort for me and comfort for YOU!

I picked the coffee swirled Jenelle sandals, and tried them out for Western NY’s first sort-of-spring week this week. The Jenelle sandal ($135 value) is perfect for every spring outfit and will take you through the summer, too! It’s more comfortable than a flip flop and perfect for tired teacher feet. I really like them and am thinking may have to get myself a pair in another color (just don’t tell my fiance!).


Win a Pair!

Enter my Teacher Appreciation giveaway and you could WIN a pair of these comfy sandals for yourself and a teacher of your choice! All you have to do is share this post (using the share buttons below) and then complete the entry form to nominate a special teacher that has made a difference in your life. Think about a current teacher (yes, just one) that has gone “above and beyond” and has truly inspired or influenced you. Share your story and you could win a pair of shoes for both you and your nominee! (NOTE: If your nominee is a male, I will offer an alternative shoe.) Nominations will be posted on my blog on May 8th.

Details: I will be choosing a winner randomly at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, May 6th! You can only submit ONE entry using the form below. The winner will be posted on my blog and contacted on May 7th.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 8.13.46 PM

Everyday I thank the teachers that have influenced me. I work with so many special teachers who are extremely dedicated and passionate about teaching. I watch them shape the lives of countless children and truly make a difference. They are inspiring, and I would have a hard time picking just one!

I also thank all the teachers that once taught me! My second grade teacher, Mrs. Clark, is actually the reason I became a teacher. If she was still teaching I would nominate her in a heartbeat! She showed me how to bring a love for learning into the classroom, and I strive to be that kind of teacher everyday.

THANK YOU to all the teachers out there who are making a difference each and every day!

Best of Luck!

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Check out Dankso on Facebook or find their shoes at the nearest retailer! Dansko is also sponsoring a Thank a Teacher promotion where you can enter to win a free tote bag. All you have to do is share your teacher appreciation story using the form on their website! 500 winners will be randomly chosen!

Thank a Teacher with Dansko!

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