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Dreading Summer Regression? All You Need is a Plan!

2 May

With summer nearly upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the dreaded summer regression (insert frustrated teacher sigh); however, the summer slide doesn’t have to be a reality for every student. Encourage parents to prepare now by developing a summer reading plan, and show them the importance of summer reading so their children don’t lose any of the gains they worked so hard to make this year.

Emphasize the Importance of Summer Reading

The “summer slide” is a common occurrence for many students. Often, summers get busy and reading isn’t a priority. Parents want to give their children a break from school, or they don’t wish to battle their children who are reluctant to pick up a book. Sometimes, they aren’t even aware the negative effects this academic break causes. Summer regression a big issue, especially for struggling readers, but it can be avoided.

Be proactive. Send home a parent letter explaining the benefits of summer reading, or email your classroom parents to share a few informative websites. This information may be just what they need to see the value of summer reading and may encourage families to take action and make a plan for summer reading.

Helpful Resources: 

Encourage Parents to Create a Summer Reading Plan

So often we say we’re going to do things, but unless we’re intentional with our time and an action plan is in place, it’s probably not going to happen. Being mindful of our goals and actually writing down our plans helps with accountability. Similar to my weekly “to do” list – writing it down doesn’t guarantee it will happen, but the act of creating a plan increases the chances immensely. 🙂

Consider sending home a planning page to help families start thinking about their summer reading plans. There is one planning page for families to complete together, and one for students to complete. Which form they choose will depend if it’s a whole family initiative – where every family member takes part in the summer reading challenge – or just the children.

I would encourage parents to fill these forms out with their children! You can model the conversation students can have with their families and make it the planning page part of their homework. Or if you don’t want to make it mandatory, get creative and think of some incentives that would encourage your students to have the conversation with their families. For example, students can bring in their plan into school to show you for a free homework pass to use during these last few weeks of school, or they can earn a ticket for a fun raffle drawing – perhaps for a prize or a fun lunch with you! (I’m not above bribery incentives! ;))

Download the free summer reading planning pages HERE or by clicking the image above!

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Happy Teaching!

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