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Kindergarten Fluency Folders

25 Feb

Kindergarten Fluency Folders

Hey, Kindergarten teachers… this one’s for YOU!

If you’re a follower of my blog or TpT store, you know that many of my fluency resources are geared toward elementary students grades 2-5. After a few requests, I decided to go forth and create some early literacy materials for K/1!

One of my fabulous blog readers specifically requested a Daily Fluency product for her Kindergarteners. I agreed to help, and after some back-and-forth discussion in regard to format and what would be most helpful to include, I developed a resource with ready-to-print materials for creating your own year-long Kindergarten Fluency Folders.

photo 5-1

photo 1-4

This resource offers 60 lists of letters, sounds, and words to use with your students. The materials will help your students build fluency with letter identification, letter-sound relationships, sight words, short vowel word families, and some basic phrases, sentences, and passages. Graphs are included for students to track their fluency progress, as well as flash cards for students to practice each of the list items. Use the folders in the classroom or send them home each night (parent letters & directions are included).

photo 4

The focus of these folders is speed and accuracy, which obviously isn’t all that fluency is, but this product will help your students build the foundation for later fluency development. Without automatic recognition of letters, sounds, and words, students will have difficulty reading for meaning. Focusing on phrasing, expression, and punctuation is the next step after using these folders (and don’t worry… your voices have been heard! I’m working on a K/1 version of my Fluency Boot Camp!).

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A thumbnail preview of all the pages is available on the product page if you’d like to check out more of what’s inside! Here’s the link to my Kindergarten Fluency Folder product on TpT!

KindergartenFluencyFolder 1 2:23:2014

**NOTE: This was created with Kindergarten students in mind, but the materials would benefit struggling readers in 1st grade, too! Perfect for remedial RTI instruction!**

Download a few SAMPLE pages HERE!

KindergartenFluencyFolderSAMPLE 8 2:24:2014

Happy Teaching!


Teacher Appreciation Week

5 May

Thank You, Teachers!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I’m participating in TWO great sales! Everything at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook shop will be 20% OFF, in addition to the discounts that the two sites are offering! 

Teachers Pay Teachers


(Thank you to Abby from Wizard of Boz for the cute sales graphics!)

I will be offering 20% off for all my products from May 7th to May 9th. It’s a two-day sale, but I’m offering an extra day! Don’t forget to use TAD13 at checkout to receive an additional 10% off! (NOTE: The 10% will come off the already discounted price, making the TOTAL discount 28% off!)

Teachers Notebook


An addition to my TpT sale, all my TN products will be 20% off in my shop from May 4th – May 10th. Keep in mind, the extra 10% discount will be automatically taken off your purchase. You do not need a code for Teachers Notebook during Teacher Appreciation Week. While you’re there, check out the different giveaways and promotions they have going on!

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Don’t Forget!

Remember, you still have until tomorrow (May 6th) to enter my Dansko Teacher Appreciation giveaway! You could win a pair of shoes for yourself AND the special teacher you nominate. Nominations will be posted May 7th along with the announcement of who the winner is!


Happy Teaching… and THANK YOU!

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